Midsummer Midges and Beaded Bugs

It’s Midsummer’s Day and, predictably, there is nothing remotely summery about today’s weather in Lewes. But, luckily for the Scandinavians, their weather is much better today. And so it should be because today their midsummer celebrations get in to full swing.


Midsummer bonfire in Pielavasi, Finland. Tumi-1983 (c)

The tradition is to head out of town to one’s lakeside summerhouse for a large family gathering and general revelry. The festivities typically include some of the following: maypole dancing, bonfires, saunas, drinking, traditional song and costume, feasts of herring and potatoes, wild swimming, and, my personal favourite, placing wild flowers under your pillow so that the man of your dreams may appear to you in your sleep. It’s a time for fun, frolics and…… …midges.


Mosquitoes are an important part of the ecosystem (so says the Swedish Tourist board) but seeing as these bloodsuckers like water and birch forests, the midsummer revellers risk get bitten to high heaven whilst out basking in the late night sunshine.


My advice would be to stay inside their lovely log cabins with a copy of Beaded Bugs and craft a beautiful bug rather than be bitten by nasty mozzies. All you need are a few simple tools and a selection of gorgeous beads and you’re away. There are 30 stunning bugs to try. It’d start with the Striped Love Beetle….and put those wild flowers under my pillow tonight….



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