Monthly Archives: August, 2012

Modern Life’s Dilemmas Solved; Just In Time For My Summer Holidays

August for me is the natural month for summer holidays. Work seems to slow down, the out of office replies outnumber the actual e-mails and everyone tries to enjoy every bit of what’s left of summer, sometimes even the British weather. I’m planning to […]


Use mindfulness techniques to strengthen your relationship: extract from The Heart of Mindful Relationships

The below text is an extract from the opening chapter of The Heart of Mindful Relationships by Maria Arpa. Maria is a London-based mediator who works with couples to help heal and mend troubled relationships. In her new title, Maria explains how mindfulness techniques help […]


Meatloaf Bakery Cookbook: classic meatloaf recipe

Did you know that the traditional meatloaf recipe actually originated from Europe? Mentions of said recipe can be found in Roman cookery collections dating back as far as the 5th century, however, many of us now think of the dish as an all-American classic. […]


Puppies, puppies, puppies!!!

We know everybody loves them so we didn’t think we’d need much more content for this blog post other than these amazingly cute, incredibly fluffy, 8 week old puppies! Certain members of staff had to be banned from attending this recent photoshoot wearing coats […]


Remember those Beautiful Calendars you all loved so much?

Many of you have asked us about these in the last few months, so I’m very pleased to report that the 2013 Beautiful Calendars will be here this month! This year there are more than ever. You can choose from the usual suspects, Chickens, Cows, Pigeons, Pigs, […]

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