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Gothic cathedrals really are amazing feats of engineering and design that have been created before a time where steel frames and machine tools even existed. They still stand so tall and menacing, even though the time of the religious impulse has slowly faded away. Being the main focus in any city, it is hard not to notice them and How to Build a Cathedral is the perfect book that enhances how these grand buildings were originally designed and produced, and gives an insight into the way that this would have been made possible without the technology that we, in modern times, rely on so much. So do you fancy building one yourself?

Giving a detailed history of cathedrals that have been built all over the world including the mistakes that have been made over the years, How to Build a Cathedral is full of all the information that you would ever need, or want, to know, also accompanied by drawings and plans that could easily be mistaken these days for modern art.

Working from the ground up, starting with the foundations, the cathedral is produced step by step with spectacular artworks, focusing in great detail the stunning floor-plans and architectural blueprints that have been used in some of the most famous cathedrals in the world, such as the Notre-Dame de Paris, and the Palma Cathedral.













So, even if you aren’t planning on building a cathedral anytime soon, you may have time to appreciate the hard-work behind those that already exist and come to look at this book, and the beautiful designs that are featured with it, in the same way.

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