Small World Big Ideas contributor Bill McKibben on Hurricane Sandy

Small World Big Ideas contributor Bill McKibben talks to Time magazine on the subject of Hurricane Sandy; he discusses whether the storm will be the wake-up call needed for global climate change action.

“What we’ve seen is the steady confirmation of exactly what scientists told us would happen. This will be the warmest year in American history. It came with the warmest month in American history, July. It featured a statistically almost-impossible summer-in-March heat wave. It brought us a drought so deep that food prices have gone up 40 percent around the world. It brought us this completely unprecedented mega-storm, the biggest storm, as one weatherman put it yesterday, to hit New York since its founding in 1624.”

Read the full interview here.

Bill McKibben is one of 11 contributors to Small World Big Ideas:

Internationally respected peace activist Satish Kumar introduces the book as well as contributing a full essay.

Green activists and politicians Bob Brown and Caroline Lucas.

Climate change campaigner and filmmaker Franny Armstrong.

Conservationists Tim Flannery and Jane Goodall.

Environmentalist Vandana Shiva.

Slow food advocate Carlo Petrini.

Environment lawyer Polly Higgins.

Mind-body healing pioneer Deepak Chopra.

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