Whittling by Steve Tomashek in Living Woods Magazine

“The prospect of learning by carving in the bath with a bar of soap is very appealing, and there’s a lot of sense in giving a child a carrot and a potato peeler to produce a rabbit.” Living Woods Magazine

Author and carver Steve Tomashek talks to Living Woods Magazine in their December issue; he recalls how he got into whittling and that vegetables are a good place to start:

“I had entertained the idea of becoming a cartoonist: carving allowed me to transform the doodles in my sketchbook into three dimensional cartoons and works of art. As it turned out this was also an inexpensive way to practice both sculpting and painting… Fortunately the cost of entry to the craft of whittling is nearly free. You probably already have the tool and materials necessary; they can be found in most kitchens, a pairing knife and a root vegetable.” Steve Tomashek

Once you’ve practiced enough on your veg, Whittling will take you through well-illustrated step-by-step projects from beginner to advanced levels. If you want to take some time out to relax and forget about the stress of everyday living, what better way of calming your mind and tapping into your inner creativity than learning how to make delightful miniature animals. Impress your friends and family with your new found skills and at the same time present them with a perfect personalized present.

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