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Ivy is a leading publisher and packager of creative, highly illustrated non-fiction books. Since its foundation in 1996, Ivy has worked with the world’s leading publishers to print over 20 million books and sell rights in 26 different languages. With a reputation for innovative design, Ivy excels in making information visually engaging. In the UK, Ivy publishes titles under its own imprint and in partnership with other publishers; Ivy also sells rights to publishers throughout the world. Under the Ivy umbrella are three innovative imprints: Ivy Press, Ivy Reference and Leaping Hare.

Ivy Press presents an eclectic mix of practical lifestyle titles that Beautiful Ducksinform, excite or amuse readers. Subjects range widely, from quirky, contemporary crafts and cookery to popular culture and humour. Ivy Press also produces a stationery range based on their popular Beautiful… series.


Ivy Reference produces a range of high-end, exhaustively researched How to Read Buildingstitles. Ivy’s popular
science and family reference titles present complex ideas and theories in interesting, insightful and easy to read books for non-specialists. Ivy’s illustrated academic books are written by some of the leading experts in their fields and bring Ivy’s visual flair to traditional scholarship. Subject areas include natural history, science and mathematics, economics, history, architecture and art and design.


Ivy Kids produces children’s books for making, creating, playing, thinking and dreaming. All children have the capacity to innovate and imagine, and we really understand the importance of creativity. Our books both reflect and support these values, with an emphasis on beautiful design and fresh thinking. We combine cool and contemporary visuals with engaging and entertaining text to make high-quality art, craft, activity, nonfiction and books-plus titles for kids of all ages.


Leaping Hare Press produces books that are intended to inspire and empower readers to translate ethical, environmental and spiritual values into practical and meaningful lifestyle choices. Be it throwing a seedbomb into an urban wasteland, creating raw chocolate alchemy, or mindfully walking along a busy sidewalk, the books embrace those little creative steps that engage us as individuals and communities.


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