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Life & Soul launches!

A launch hosted by our Queen of Party-planning, Emma Forbes, was never going to be anything less than fabulous – and Emma certainly didn’t disappoint!   Despite an exceptionally busy few days in the lead up to the event, with appearances on both Saturday […]


Happy viewing

‘Does money make you happy? What about family? Do we live in a world that values well-being? Are we in the midst of a happiness revolution?’ These are all questions explored in Roko Belic’s inspiring new movie, Happy. Visit the website to find out […]


Unlocking Happiness with the Happy Buddha

‘Happiness is our natural state,’ says Suryacitta, aka the Happy Buddha, and in his new book Happiness and How It Happens, Suryacitta explores just how we each can unlock ‘our inherent loveliness and the happiness that awaits us’. Were there ever more beautiful words written? You […]


Emma Forbes on Loose Women!

Life & Soul author Emma Forbes will be joining the Loose Women panel on ITV1 this coming Monday, 17th Oct. Don’t miss it! If you’ve any questions you’d like to ask Emma, you can email them via ITV1′s website:  ‘Quiz a celebrity guest’


Life & Soul of the party!

Emma Forbes’ fantastic new entertaining and cookery book, Life & Soul, is published by Ivy Press this month, just in time for party season! Seeing a new title published is always exciting for the Ivy Press team – a culmination of months of hard […]


Remembering Titanic

2012 sees 100 years since Titanic’s tragic maiden voyage, in which nearly 1,500 people lost their lives. Ivy Press have marked the anniversary with the publication of Titanic Love Stories by Gill Paul, a beautifully-presented volume telling the enchanting and often heart-breaking true stories […]

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