Knit Your Own Zombie

Over 1000 combinations to rip'n'reassemble for horrifying results

Fiona Goble

Conjure a line-up of irresistibly shocking zombies from an alluring tool kit of yarn body parts. Easy to knit and even easier to dismember, with these little horrors to hand you’ll find that stress balls, meditation and hard-learned ‘coping techniques’ are all forgotten as you discover the insane pleasure of tearing their 100 per cent wool heads off.

Eight infinitely interchangeable characters for hours of unwholesome family fun. Rats, brains, guts and accessories galore offer hundreds of stylish zombie combinations. Truly, the undead have never looked so appealing!

FIONA GOBLE authored the hugely popular Knit Your Own Royal Wedding (2011). Her other titles include the best-selling Knitivity (2010) and Noah's Knits (2012). Knit Your Own Zombie reveals that she has a darker side and her dedicated readers will be surprised to find that out just how dark it can be...

The perfect remedy to a bad day, we think you'll be chuckling while you knit, and once they're in one piece (using Velcro and snap fasteners) you'll have hours of fun pulling them apart, limb from limb, and reassembling them into all sorts of shape- shifting combinations. Be as inventive as you dare!
Each one oozes personality, so you're bound to have a favourite we love the revolting Zombie Fatale, and the Classic Zombie with his cunning stomach cavity to pop his intestine into... such witty attention to detail! - Simply Knitting

  • 80 pages
  • H 220mm x W 180mm
  • paperback
  • full colour throughout
  • 28,000 words
  • Printed ISBN:978-1-908005-48-9

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