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Taking ‘The Rules of Photography’ on holiday and the next book I want to read because of it, ‘Cycling Science’

I have a confession to make, I work for two publishing companies. The brilliant photography publisher Ilex and the super stylish Ivy Press. I’m what’s known as a “shared resource” around these parts and as such this blog is going to appear in two places, but you […]


New release: 30-Second Architecture – interpret your surroundings

New from Ivy Press – 30-Second Architecture – the 50 most significant principles and styles in architecture, each explained in half a minute. Architecture, having developed hand-in-hand with society’s needs, aspirations and desires, forms the very core of human life. The structures we move in […]


New release: 30-Second Anatomy – know yourself inside and out

New release from Ivy Press – 30-Second Anatomy – the 50 most impor­tant structures and systems of the human body, each explained in half a minute. Traditionally, many people may have seen anatomy as an academic discipline, of interest to only medical students, but […]


Avian Architecture: a modern insight into the construction techniques of birds

Birds’ nests set the bar for the best nature has to offer in terms of functional design, and show the evolutionary process at its most refined. Avian Architecture renders every type of nest in the style of an architectural blueprint, revealing its construction and […]


30-Second Series sells over 1 million copies worldwide

This news is too good not to shout about – our popular 30-Second… series has hit the 1 million copies mark! In fact 1.2 million copies have now been sold worldwide (with new titles and reprints adding to the total each week). The success […]


Tolkien Library interview with Gary Raymond and John Howe

Tolkien Library is the website of lifelong Tolkien fan and collector Pieter Collier,  from bibliographical beginnings the site has evolved into one of the largest online resources for Tolkien collectors. With more than 650 Tolkien books in his collection, Pieter contributed many of the photographs […]


Showing soon in a book shop near you: 3-Minute J.R.R. Tolkien

New from Ivy Press, 3-Minute J.R.R. Tolkien, an unauthorised biography of the world’s most revered fantasy writer Today sees the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, part one of the prequel to the mighty Lord Of The Rings. Unless you’ve been wrestling with […]


DIY Cathedral

Gothic cathedrals really are amazing feats of engineering and design that have been created before a time where steel frames and machine tools even existed. They still stand so tall and menacing, even though the time of the religious impulse has slowly faded away. […]


Don’t judge a book by its cover

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but what about its packaging? Copies of our bestselling series How to Read were wrapped in colourful and glittery gift bags ready for grabbing in one of St. Petersburg’s central bookshops.   The perfect packaging […]


BEA and Fahrenheit 451

As Ivy attended Book Expo America last week, our new book ideas gathered up in both paper and digital portfolios, I was struck by a curious coincidence. On 5 June 2012, while publishers and booksellers met to apply their considerable collective intellects to the […]


30 Second Paris…

I love my job because among other things it allows me to travel to places like Paris. Looking around bookshops in the French capital is always a very enjoyable activity, a little bit of a detective work in spotting some of our titles on […]


Lets Get Political

“Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet, he is lord of all the animals. He […]

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