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Mindfulness at Work

The realities of the modern-day workplace can include stress, pressure and apathy, but according to the World Health Organization these strains are only on the rise in Western societies. It’s not surprising, then, that the latest survey compiled by the Mental Health Foundation (January 2013) reveals […]


Stress Awareness Day: An exercise in de-stressing using mindfulness practice

Mike Fisher, trained counsellor, facilitator, anger-management consultant and author of Mindfulness & the Art of Managing Anger has a whole chapter in his book devoted to dealing with stress. Today, Nov 7th, is Stress Awareness Day so here are a few de-stressing exercises. De-Stressing […]


Using Mindfulness to Handle Depression: Mindfulness for Black Dogs and Blue Days

Each year the Mental Health Foundation runs a campaign around World Mental Health Day to raise awareness about a particular mental health issue. On the 10th October this year the central theme was Depression: A Global Crisis. Depression is a common mental disorder that […]


Use mindfulness techniques to strengthen your relationship: extract from The Heart of Mindful Relationships

The below text is an extract from the opening chapter of The Heart of Mindful Relationships by Maria Arpa. Maria is a London-based mediator who works with couples to help heal and mend troubled relationships. In her new title, Maria explains how mindfulness techniques help […]


Are you turning into the office ogre?

It’s not just Wayne Rooney or David Nalbandian that lash out in a moment of uncontrolled anger. Today’s  Mail Online reported that ‘desk rage’ is on the increase, particularly as the current economic climate bites. Time to hide the staplers, take a break and […]


Out of the suitcase and inside FIL Guadalajara.

Definitely one I wouldn’t mind doing more than once a year! Feria Internacional del Libro takes place in Gudalajara, Mexico every year. The bookfair, considered one of the main events taking place in Guadalajara, transforms the whole town into a beautiful celebration of books. […]


Happy viewing

‘Does money make you happy? What about family? Do we live in a world that values well-being? Are we in the midst of a happiness revolution?’ These are all questions explored in Roko Belic’s inspiring new movie, Happy. Visit the website to find out […]


Unlocking Happiness with the Happy Buddha

‘Happiness is our natural state,’ says Suryacitta, aka the Happy Buddha, and in his new book Happiness and How It Happens, Suryacitta explores just how we each can unlock ‘our inherent loveliness and the happiness that awaits us’. Were there ever more beautiful words written? You […]

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