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Behind the scenes at a Beautiful… series photoshoot

Whilst the readers of our Beautiful… series will be accustomed to seeing the animals (or even tractors) preened to perfection, looking model-esque and photographed by Andrew Perris in the finished books, it’s not all glitz and glamour for those of us who have been working […]


Christmas trick: Tricks and Games to Teach Your Dog

Village Books in Dulwich Village and Wandsworth held a two-branch combined ‘Draw Your Dog‘ competition and signing of Ivy’s new dog tricks bible, Tricks and Games to Teach Your Dog on 10 November. The winners, shown here, took away a copy of the book, as […]


Tricks and Games to Teach Your Dog: Tricks for a rainy day

Your dog’s bouncing with energy but it’s raining too hard to take her out for a long walk, and you can’t stand the theatrical canine sighing any more. What should you do? Tricks and Games to Teach Your Dog from best-selling author Sophie Collins […]


Puppies, puppies, puppies!!!

We know everybody loves them so we didn’t think we’d need much more content for this blog post other than these amazingly cute, incredibly fluffy, 8 week old puppies! Certain members of staff had to be banned from attending this recent photoshoot wearing coats […]


Behind the scenes with our Beautiful Pigeons

It’s wasn’t quite so glamourous the other side of the camera…

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