Ivy Press specialises in producing books that take innovative approaches to the subjects that you want to read about. The books are written by experts in their fields and designed to the very highest standards. Ivy has three imprints: Ivy Press, Ivy Kids and Leaping Hare Press.

Ivy Press produces titles that will inspire you, books that will show you how to make things, books that will make your mouth water, books that will inform you, books that will make you laugh out loud, books that will expand your mind, and books that will stimulate you, however much you already know.

Ivy Kids produces beautiful books that will get kids making, creating, thinking, playing and dreaming. Covering all sorts of areas including cool, contemporary kids’ crafts, awesome art activities, and fresh nonfiction topics, our books will get kids of all ages imagining, innovating, and above all, having fun!

Leaping Hare Press from mindfully walking along a noisy street or swapping seeds, our books embrace community spirit and ecological principles to share empowering steps (or hops) that make a real, positive difference – and deliver the feel-good factor too! Conscious living; meaningful, positive and practical life choices; heart and head; empowerment and engagement – we feel it is possible to create change by being that change (thank you Gandhi!) and that true wellbeing is not just about the individual but each other as well as the natural world.

Ivy is a member of the Quarto International Co-Editions Group. Quarto International Co-editions Group creates illustrated books that are licensed and printed for third party publishers for publication under their own imprints in over 30 languages around the world. The division includes seventeen separate businesses.


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